Semantic DB SW Experiments

Today we have added a new feature, called "SW Experiments", designed to save some time when you are experimenting with a new idea, and trying to implement it in .sw. In particular, when this involves more than one file to load and process. Say you want to reset the current context, load a file, run that file, load another file, run that one too, then dump the result. Then repeat all those steps until you have the code working as you desire. So, we introduce a new file type, the sw-experiment with extension .swe. When you run a tab in the edit panel and it has extension .swe it will parse it using the new experiment "language". If the file has any other extension, then it will run as normal.

The available commands:

-- some comment
any line that starts with -- is a comment, and can be used to explain your experiment to readers
context Fred Sam friends
sets the current context to "Fred Sam friends"
load bottles-of-beer.sw3
opens a file dialog to load the given sw file
save foo.sw4
saves the current context to the given filename
opens a remote sw file
run bottles-of-beer.sw3
runs the tab with the given filename
dumps the current context
resets the current context
reset all
resets the context list back to starting state
saves the current context in dot format to the given filename, so it can be graphed using graphviz
stop processing the current experiment, useful for when you are not quite ready to run the "tail end" of an experiment. Then comment this command out when you are ready.