sw-examples: stream.sw3

Raw file here.
-- stream of consciousness operator
-- created 2021/6/19
-- usually helpful to invoke find-inverse[*] before using this operator,
-- to help prevent running into dead ends
-- though at the cost of potentially going around in circles
-- the larger the data-set the better this operator works.
-- to invoke: stream(|20>) |starting ket>

stream {max|steps>} #=>
    the |ket> => pick-elt clean seq2sp input |seq>
    for( the |k> in |1> .. max|steps>):
        print (the|k> :_ the |ket>)
        the |operator> => pick-elt supported-ops the |ket>
        the |ket> => pick-elt clean seq2sp apply(the |operator>, the |ket>)