operator: guess-ket

        guess-ket ket
        return the best matching known ket, using simm and letter-ngrams[1,2,3]
        guess-ket[n] ket
        return the best n matching kets, using simm and letter-ngrams[1,2,3]
        guess-ket[*] ket
        return all matching kets, using simm and letter-ngrams[1,2,3]
        -- learn some knowledge:
        age |person: Fred Smith> => |47>
        mother |person: Fred Jones> => |Mary>
        age |person: Sam Hughes> => |49>
        -- now guess some kets:
        guess-ket |Fred>
            0.235|person: Fred Jones>

        guess-ket[*] |Fred>
            0.235|person: Fred Jones> + 0.216|person: Fred Smith> + 0.059|person: Sam Hughes> + 0.056|context>

        guess-ket[*] |Sam>
            0.157|person: Sam Hughes> + 0.059|person: Fred Smith> + 0.039|person: Fred Jones>

        guess-ket[*] |jones>
            0.353|person: Fred Jones> + 0.222|context> + 0.176|person: Sam Hughes> + 0.137|person: Fred Smith>
    see also:
        guess-operator, rel-kets, starts-with, simm, letter-ngrams