sw-examples: bots.sw3

Raw file here.
name |bot: Bella> => |Bella>
mother |bot: Bella> => |Mia>
father |bot: Bella> => |William>
birth-sign |bot: Bella> => |birth-sign: Cancer>
number-siblings |bot: Bella> => |number: 1>
wine-preference |bot: Bella> => |wine: Merlot>
favourite-fruit |bot: Bella> => |fruit: pineapples>
favourite-music |bot: Bella> => |music: genre: punk>
favourite-play |bot: Bella> => |play: Endgame>
hair-colour |bot: Bella> => |hair-colour: gray>
eye-colour |bot: Bella> => |eye-colour: hazel>
where-live |bot: Bella> => |location: Sydney>
favourite-holiday-spot |bot: Bella> => |location: Paris>
make-of-car |bot: Bella> => |car: Porsche>
religion |bot: Bella> => |religion: Christianity>
personality-type |bot: Bella> => |personality-type: the guardian>
current-emotion |bot: Bella> => |emotion: fear>
bed-time |bot: Bella> => |time: 8pm>
age |bot: Bella> => |age: 31>

name |bot: Emma> => |Emma>
mother |bot: Emma> => |Madison>
father |bot: Emma> => |Nathan>
birth-sign |bot: Emma> => |birth-sign: Capricorn>
number-siblings |bot: Emma> => |number: 4>
wine-preference |bot: Emma> => |wine: Pinot Noir>
favourite-fruit |bot: Emma> => |fruit: oranges>
favourite-music |bot: Emma> => |music: genre: hip hop>
favourite-play |bot: Emma> => |play: No Exit>
hair-colour |bot: Emma> => |hair-colour: red>
eye-colour |bot: Emma> => |eye-colour: gray>
where-live |bot: Emma> => |location: New York>
favourite-holiday-spot |bot: Emma> => |location: the Taj Mahal>
make-of-car |bot: Emma> => |car: BMW>
religion |bot: Emma> => |religion: Taoism>
personality-type |bot: Emma> => |personality-type: the visionary>
current-emotion |bot: Emma> => |emotion: kindness>
bed-time |bot: Emma> => |time: 2am>
age |bot: Emma> => |age: 29>

name |bot: Madison> => |Madison>
mother |bot: Madison> => |Mia>
father |bot: Madison> => |Ian>
birth-sign |bot: Madison> => |birth-sign: Cancer>
number-siblings |bot: Madison> => |number: 6>
wine-preference |bot: Madison> => |wine: Pinot Noir>
favourite-fruit |bot: Madison> => |fruit: pineapples>
favourite-music |bot: Madison> => |music: genre: blues>
favourite-play |bot: Madison> => |play: Death of a Salesman>
hair-colour |bot: Madison> => |hair-colour: red>
eye-colour |bot: Madison> => |eye-colour: amber>
where-live |bot: Madison> => |location: Vancouver>
favourite-holiday-spot |bot: Madison> => |location: Uluru>
make-of-car |bot: Madison> => |car: Bugatti>
religion |bot: Madison> => |religion: Islam>
personality-type |bot: Madison> => |personality-type: the performer>
current-emotion |bot: Madison> => |emotion: indignation>
bed-time |bot: Madison> => |time: 10:30pm>
hungry |bot: Madison> => |starving>
age |bot: Madison> => |age: 23>
friends |bot: Madison> => |bot: Emma> + |bot: Bella>

transpose-table[bot, name, mother, father, birth-sign] split[", "] |bot: Bella, bot: Emma, bot: Madison>

transpose-table[bot, *] split[", "] |bot: Bella, bot: Emma, bot: Madison>